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Neil Baumgardner, Consultant Jason Smith, Consultant, Contributing Writer, Graphic Artist
Matt Willis, Artist, Consultant Harvey Johnston, Artist, Consultant
Roland Thigpen, Consultant Anand Rao, Fanfic Writer
Chris Meadows, Contributing Writer

Title logos by Ethan Platten and Matt Willis;
Fanfic Character portraitsby 'SuperDave', Charity Bettony, and Chris Edbauer

With additional input by Daniel George, Alex Fauth, John Hokanson, Jr. and others.

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The ROBOTECH REFERENCE GUIDE - 2066 EDITION is collectionof Technical Files and Essays on the Robotech Universe by fans for fanswritten from the point of view of the year 2066 in the Television seriescontinuity, sixteen years after the Battle of Reflex Point. We haveintended it to be acomprehensive guide to the hardware and history of the Robotech universe, fromwithin the perspective of that universe. Our Technical Files are inspired bythe Jane's series of books on the World's militaries. We base our analyseson details from the animation and other sources we deem appropriate. Wethank you for taking the time to peruse the material and constructive comments are alwaysappreciated. Thanks for visiting!

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What's new?

5/17/06 - Updated title. Added Chris Meadows. Made initial update to weapons section. Wolverine merged with Wolfe, as it is just the Wolfe with extensions. AR-25 designated Wolverine.

6/30/03 - Moved some updated Naval Tech Files into the main directory out of research. Also linked in the Apocryphal tech files, which are no longer or never were in the canon.

3/30/03 - Updated Zentraedi Fighter Pod, now refered to as the Gnerl. Also the ASC Sylphid is now a veritech based on series audio referring to it as such.

1/28/03 - Miracle of miracles...There is actually and ORP update. Chapter 15 is finally on-line. Only a few years late....

3/11/02 - Added a new link. Updated Logan file to include missile hardpoints. Updated Falcon file with new graphic. Fixed Hunter and Lancer II files to bring cell quantity and endurance into line with rest of mecha.

2/14/02 - Updated links. Updated Nous'gran'diel file. Revamped essay section to indicate out of date information

8/23/01 - Updated the Invid mecha and Tirolian Naval vessels.

7/18/01 - Haven't updated this in a while. We are in the midst of updating files based on Harmony Gold decisions about the content and capabilities of certain ships and mecha. In the midst of the Naval files. The Tristar and Montgolfier are the most recent. Also revised the RMS series of missiles and Spacelord and Skylord to make their yields more consistent with their relative sizes. See the Veritech and Naval index files for other updated files based on the date of update.

4/16/01 - Updated files for the Alphas, Drones and Beta are on-line as well as the SynchroCannon.

2/21/01 - Updated numerous files to be consistent with the content negotiated with Harmony Gold. This is primarily just the designations and ship classes. Some content will also likely need further update.

11/22/00 - Expect some significant changes here and there in the next few months with Harmony Gold's going on-line soon, as we aline things with the approved canonical details and actually review some of our more ancient files.

11/1/00 - Satyros and Salamander battloid files are now on-line, as well as slight fixes to the Monocle to mesh with the others. The Iigaa file has also been updated.

8/26/00 - Dryad battloid file is on-line. The Zentraedi battle pods, power armor, aircraft and Quel-Quallie have been overhauled, along with the Sniper and Scrapper missiles.

7/31/00 - Revised Glaug and Regult Battle Pods. The Regult still needs a little finishing before it is completely done. Added a number of images to the Shadow Fighter/Drone file. Added a picture of the missile system to the Gosu file.

7/17/00 - Revised AGACS to a hopefully final version. Updated the Tirolian Mothership file and the new Lotzor Pod (aka Z1) is online. GMU update and the SC battloids are in the works.

7/11/00 - Revised nomenclature for Karyobin to MiG-31 as some Russian friends have pointed out that MiG fighters are always odd numbers. Also, the Z1 and Z2 pods are no more and are under development as their Zentraedi versions.

7/9/00 - The Monocle draft is nearing completion. The AGACS has been updated, although some additional tweaks may be necessary. The graphics have been enhance significantly. A graphic was added to the Battle file and the Terminator armor file. The Jotun prototype has been added to the Valkyrie file.

5/24/00 - Rewrite of the Tirolian Destroyer and total rewrite of the Tirolian battleship into a multipurpose transport.

5/19/00 - Revision of the hovertank line of veritechs. Major revision to the VHT-1 Centaur and minor tweak to the VHT-2 Spartas Hovertanks.

4/25/00 - Major revision of the VHT-1 Hovertank tech file completed. Expect an update of the Centaur to follow to harmonize the material. Also, there is now an HTML version of Aubry's solution to the SDF-2 and Pete's review of the Robotech movie. We are also in process of finally getting around to the Southern Cross battloids and fleshing out the timeline.

4/7/00 - Timeline updated, primarily a revised theory about the progress of the REF to make a more coherent timeline.

3/27/00 - New images of the Robotech facility in the Sentinels, which was determined to be a different vessel than the Robotech factory satellite. We've also tentatively identified some new Zentraedi vessels from Force of Arms instead the core of Dolza's base. HTML clean-up of files to fix graphics sizes and out-of-date email addresses.

2/29/00 - The postulated image for the Tou Salaam cruiser is now on-line.

2/24/00 - Tou Salaam Border Fleet cruiser now up! Image reconstruction still pending. There is also a draft being discussed to make some sense of the GMU and discussions on-going about devising a story for the Orguss Valkyrie in-joke in 'Force of Arms'.

2/11/00 - Fixed the search tool and tweaked its operation.

12/2/99 - Reorganized the home page to emphasize the background notesand provide a sort of mission statement for the RRG. The Hero-class mine warfare vessel has been added aswell as updates to the Dragonfighter.

10/22/99 - site up thanks to the kind support of JeffMyers.

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