ROBOTECH Technical Files
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Spacelord (A,B)

Southern Cross Seal
Spacelord Missile
ArmorWeapon Separator

Type : Long range ship launched anti-spaceship torpedo.
Service history : (A,B) 2024-2033, SC Aerospace Forces.
Length : 520 cm.
Diameter : 208 cm.
Wingspan : None.
Weight : 18000 kg.
Warhead : (A) W-159 nuclear reaction warhead.
(B) HE fragmentation.
Weight/yield : (A) Selectable from 30 kT to 1 MT.
(B) 250 kg.
Propulsion : Hybrid rocket engine.
Guidance : Multi spectrum passive/active sensors with permissive action link (PAL).
Max speed : Mach 10.
Range : (atmosphere) 450 km.
(space) 10 kps delta-v.
Platforms : Banshee, Gremlin, Battle, Defender, Tristar, Argonaut classes (SC versions) .

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