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Quiltra Draenitzs class Tirolian multipurpose transport

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 Quiltra Draenitzs class Transport - Line drawing
Naval Separator

Names and disposition:

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Design Notes:

Designed as a general cargo vessel, the Quiltra Draenitzs is not a ship likely to gain a prize for elegance of design. Odd corners, projections and hull fixtures dot the entire surface, creating the (mistaken) impression of a ship created by slapping several unrelated hulls and parts of ship together into one craft. Spread out over the hull are the defensive cannon batteries.

The Quiltra Draenitzs has a main hull shaped like a tapering rectangular box, with the smallest side vertical and the longest side in the longitudinal direction of the ship. From amidships aft, a massive superstructure sits on the upper deck. The tall command tower points upwards from near the center of the weather deck, while to the sides and the aft a lower superstructure extends, flowing smoothly in the lower hull near the engine. Four large external docking arms project to the flanks from the forward part of the superstructure. These arms are built to connect to asteroids (or the extraction machinery on them) and allow the vessel to dock with even the most irregular formed rocks.


Seven distinctive Tirolian docking and embarkation ports can be seen on the hull, three almost directly aft of the bow (one forward and one for the dorsal and ventral each), with two more ports on each flank forward and under the command tower.

Internally, there are three sections distinguishable in the ship. The command tower houses the living and work spaces for the Tirolian crew, while the majority of the main hull consists of cargo holds and access bays. The holds can be reconfigured to serve as mecha bays, fuel tanks, or evacuation quarters. The third section is the aft engineering section, housing the generators and main engine.


The Quiltra Draenitzs medium transport vessel is the Tirolian workhorse for all manner of transport tasks ranging from large-scale troop movements through fleet tender duties to ore carrier, much in the same way as the Quiltra Queleual served in the Zentraedi fleets. The Draenitsz was mainly designed to serve as ore carrier for the asteroid mining operations that served the Tirolian economy directly, but given the required characteristics, a multi-purpose capability was designed into the class so that they could serve as general supply vessels, mecha landers and tenders for the Tirolian fleet if needed. As such, a point-defense battery was included from the first design.

The Quiltra Draenitsz design was a success. The design coupled a large cargo capacity with a fast cruise acceleration (equal to that of Tirolian Navy vessels) and was easily adaptable to other tasks. The class started series production in the mid-17th century and remained in production for over three centuries, supplementing older designs at first, replacing them as time went by. The effectiveness of the Draenitsz was such that at the time of the downfall of the Tirolian Mercantile Empire, no successor was in sight or even under consideration.

In the Second Robotech War the Draenitsz played a minor role in the Tirolian naval attacks, as this war was fought mostly at short range. On some of the longer ranged raids made by the Tirolian light forces, Draenitsz vessels went with the combat forces in the role of tankers and tenders. Once, a clandestine landing operation was made with a Draenitsz vessel acting as a survey and recovery vessel. But over all, the Draenitsz class was of little importance in the war. After the war, several of the mothballed vessels in the former Mercantile Empire were re-energized and pressed into service with the new naval and merchant fleets, but no plans exist for renewed production. Admittedly, the number of stored hulls is high and retrofitting cheaper than new production; the new powers content with refurbished craft or new, indigenous designs.

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