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Bioroid Anti-gravity Skysled

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I. Dimensions:

II. Type:

III. Propulsion:

IV. Performance:

V. Sensory Systems:

VI. Armament:

VII. Armor:

Armor will stop all grenade/shell/mortar fragments, energy beams and solids originating in hand-held weaponry. Reasonable resistance against heavier weaponry.

VIII. Development:

The Bioroid mecha were fast, tough and hard-hitting, but they were still basically a relatively immobile land-only mecha. The Scientist Triumvirates briefly considered a strap-on booster much like the Zentraedi Armored Vehicle, or the REF Beta fighter, but decided instead on the skysled. The sled was far slower than the proposed booster, but since aerial combat was covered by the Troop Carriers, this was considered superfluous.

Each sled was equipped with powerful ion cannon, with, combined, enough firepower to deal with any known mecha or small ship. In addition, the open design would allow the Bioroid to fire its hand weapon at will, as well as dramatically decreasing boarding/disembarking times. Other standard equipment was a remote control circuit which allowed the Bioroid pilot to send the sled to a safer place when he engaged in ground combat. He could also use this system to summon his sled from the storage area on board a Troop Carrier.

The skysled fulfilled all the expectations of its designers, and never showed any significant design flaws.

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