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Designation:Terran codename: Zentraedi Seal
Lojredbeth Deuawhaug SSA-1A Sniper.
Lojredbeth Deuawhaug-likran SSA-1B Sniper.
Sniper Torpedo
ArmorWeapon Separator

Type : Ship launched anti-ship/ground torpedo.
Service history : Entered service around 1830.
Length : 1203 cm.
Diameter : 375 cm.
Wingspan : 453 cm.
Weight : 54100 kg (SSA-1A).
53900 kg (SSA-1B).
Warhead : High Explosive (SSA-1A).
Nuclear reaction (SSA-1B).
Weight/yield : 1509 kg (SSA-1A).
326 kT(SSA-1B).
Propulsion : 13 fusion/plasma reaction engines with one common protoculture energizer.
One protoculture cell for electrical power.
Guidance : Multi-spectral active/passive sensors with Reflex AI guidance.
Max speed : Mach 20.
Range : 10.3 kps delta-v.
Platforms : Macross, Nupetiet-Vernitzs, Queadol Magdomilla, Quiltra Queleual, Rineunadou Lojmeuean, Thuverl-Salan, Tou Redir and other classes


Sniper Missiles

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