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Prometheus-class carrier being bombarded from Orbit

Above: Prometheus-class carrier being bombarded from Orbit (from Mediax Mook#71)

Carrier escort ship at sunrise

Above: Carrier escort ship at sunrise (from Mediax Mook#71)

Prometheus-class carrier at sunrise

Above: Prometheus-class carrier at sunrise (from Mediax Mook#71)

RDF Cargo Transport

Above: Large RDF cargo transport (from the Comico Graphic Novel)

Above: Tou Salaam

Tou Salaam Border Fleet Exploration Cruiser

Above: Rob Morgenstern's rejected twin-boom reconstruction of the Tou Salaam.

Unidentified ships in Dolza's Fortress

Above: Unidentified Zentraedi ships in the central core of Dolza's fortress during Force of Arms when the SDF-1 breaks in to destroy the Grand fleet.

Matt's 3D renderings Archive

Early Era Zentraedi and Border Fleet ships

Above: Early Era Zentraedi and Border Fleet ships

Early era Zentraedi Frigate

Above: Early era Zentraedi Frigate

Early Border Fleet Cruiser

Above: Early Border Fleet Cruiser

Border Fleet Sian Macross Border Fleet Sian Macross

Above: Sian Macross


Above: Tristar ramming Mothership

Above: Tirolian transport/survey ship

Above: Tirolian Destroyer.

Above: Tirolian Destroyer with Assault Corvettes


Mars Division Attack Fleet - front view

Above: Mars Division Attack Fleet

Page focusing on currently unidentified REF ships

REF Ship?

Above: REF ship being destroyed near ?Liberty Station?

Garfish like ship

Above: REF ship near Mars Base Station (Liberty?)

Invid Invasion Ship

Above: Invid Ship during invasion of Earth

Invid Shuttle

Above: Invid Shuttle (Sentinels)

Invid Hiveship (Graphic Novel)

Above: Invid Hiveship (from the Comico Graphic Novel)

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