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Skylord (A,B)

Southern Cross Seal REF Seal
Skylord missile in Atmosphere
ArmorWeapon Separator

Type : Long range ship launched anti-spaceship torpedo.
Service history : (A,B) 2023-2033, SC Aerospace Forces.
2023- , REF Navy.
Length : 1100 cm.
Diameter : 165 cm.
Wingspan : none.
Weight : 28000 kg.
Warhead : (A) W-144 nuclear reaction multiple warhead.
(B) HE fragmentation.
Weight/yield : (A) 3 independent warheads of 1 MT yield each.
(B) 1000 kg.
Propulsion : Plasma shock-expansion/fusion with protoculture energizer.
One protoculture cell for electrical power.
Guidance : Multi spectrum passive/active sensors with permissive action link (PAL).
Max speed : Mach 25.
Range : (ground to air) 1200 km.
(space) 16 kps delta-v.
Platforms : Ground installation (silos), Pioneer, Tokugawa, Tristar, Argonaut, Defender classes.
Skylord missiles ready for launch History:
Fixed Skylord Silos

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