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Rendered VF-1 Strike

VF-1 Strike Valkyrie, courtesy of Chris Lott, a low polygon 3d model created for the game Robotech: A New Beginning at

Assault Valkyrie prototype from M:PM

Battloid Jotun Assault Valkyrie from M:PM (Name from RRG)

Assault Valkyrie prototype by Rob Morgenstern

Proposed side view of Jotun Assault Valkyrie - Fighter Mode

Jotun from Force of Arms

Hybrid of Valkyrie and Orguss seen in Macross as an 'in joke' by the studio. We've proposed this to be the Jotun Assault Valkyrie prototype. This version appears to have armor over the intakes similar to the Armored Valkyrie. The shield may also be different from the above image from M:PM.

New Generation

Shilouettes of Veritech fighters - courtesy of Harvey Johnston

Condor Drop Mecha with boosters

Condors in ground assault

AlphaDrone Control Center

AlphaDrone control center

Closeup of AlphaDrone Control Center

Closeup of AlphaDrone control center with Donald at controls

AlphaDrone Flight

AlphaDrone flight

AlphaDrones on display

AlphaDrones on display

Mixed REF mecha group

Mars Division Alphas in Battloid mode

Beta firing chest launchers

Beta firing chest launchers

Legioss in Horizont launch port

Blowsperior launching its rocket-propelled grenades

Recon VR-038 Cyclone in night operations camoflauge

Close up of recon VR-038 Cyclone in night operations camoflauge

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