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Lockheed SF-3A Lancer II Space Fighter

RDF Seal
Lancer II
Aircraft Separator

I. Dimensions:

Total Length: 7.6 m (w/o cannons)
Total Length: 15.4 m (w/ cannons)
Total Height: 1.8 m (w/ radar)
Total Width: 1.1 m
Dry weight: 9.3 metric tons

II. Service History:

III. Type:

IV. Propulsion:

V. Performance:

VI. Electronics:

Radar System:
Optical tracking:
Tactical Electronic Warfare System (TEWS):

VII. Armament:

VIII. Armor:

The skin of the Lancer II is composed of an advanced titanium-steel alloy. The armor stops all small arms fire, provides good protection against heavier infantry weapons, such as a 12.7mm machinegun round, and fair resistance to light mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Zentraedi 22.3mm HE autocannon round. The internal consumable supplies are enough to last for two days.

IX. Development:

The ungainly Lancer II space fighter made up the majority of the manned airgroup (for lack of a better word) of the early -0 version Armor platforms, and a significant fraction of the original aircraft complement of the SDF-1 Macross. Since this craft was a space fighter only, no attention needed to be given to aerodynamical shaping, and the result was made up of, rear to front, two engines (one on top, the other on the bottom), a fuel tank, the power plant, pilot compartment and computer systems in a rectangular housing with a magazine for six missiles in the lower hull, and then the main weapon system. Since the main task of the fighter was anti-mecha warfare, the armament was designed to take out mecha at long range with the main cannons, and to eliminate any mecha that broke through the main gun's perimeter with the StarStrike missiles. The main cannons fired a new plasma warhead, coupled to guidance thrusters and a seeker-head package for terminal guidance, fired through the Lancer's double barreled rail-gun in the direction of enemy mecha. This system made a large ammunition load possible and was, in effect, a hybrid of missiles and later-era plasma-shell cannons. A large sensor antenna was placed on top of the main section. The Lancer II was used by the Armor ships as well as by the SDF-1, although this system was only used once by the larger ship, during the Zentraedi Holocaust. The few Lancer fighters that survived that battle were re-assigned to the remaining Armor ships, and were soon replaced by the early model VF-6A Alphas.

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