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Gamo (Pincer Command Unit, Enforcer)

Invid Sensor Eye
Gamo Pincer
Mecha Separator

I. Dimensions:

II. Type:

III. Service History:

IV. Propulsion:

V. Performance:

VI. Electronics:

VII. Armament:

VIII. Armor:

The armor of the Pincer is composed of a composite of metals, ceramics, and organics unique to Invid manufacture. Research continues into the composition of this material, though results from X-ray crystallography, NMR, and mass spectroscopy studies remain classified. The armor stops all small arms, heavy infantry weapons fire, and light mecha-mounted weaponry, and provides fair to good resistance to medium mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Valkyrie's 55mm APFSDS round. In addition, the armor is highly sloped, and rounds that hit at oblique angles are very likely to glance off it without penetrating.

Note: The sensor eye is highly susceptible to damage, and any hit there will disable the mecha by penetrating the cockpit and killing the pilot.

All Invid mecha provide full protection from nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards, using a sealed overpressure cockpit environment.

IX. Development:

The Pincer Command Unit (PCU) was developed by the Invid at a relatively late stage of the long Invid/Tirol wars. It was developed as a mecha for fire support, heavy assault and for battlefield commanders, previous heavy mecha apparently being considered ineffective in those roles. However, either for problems with the manufacture of these mecha or because of problems with the protoculture supply (the Gamo uses a multiple of protoculture compared to smaller mecha), the numbers of observed Gamo remained low, and as a result, it remained a rather unknow design.

This situation did not change until 2044, when the Gamo was seen in ever larger numbers on Earth in the armies of the Regess. There, it was used in all its designed roles, as well as backup to the Iigaa suicide attacks in space. Apparently, the Gamo is a succesfull mecha and popular with its pilots.

The Gamo is clearly a descendent of the same Invid development thinking as the Iigaa and the Gurab. The overall design is crablike, although the Gamo has fixed cannons rather than hardpoints. The cannons mounted are high capacity laser cannons, with two small pulse cannons tucked under the chin of the mecha. The armor protection is thick and well rounded to aid in deflecting incoming rounds. The Gamo's usefulness is occasionally higher than that of the Gosu battloid; the Gamo can, for instance, bring more firepower to bear on a target than the more nimble Gosu.

The Gamo is an impressive mecha, and its future in the Invid arsenals seems to be assured for the foreseeable future, with production still continuing. It is likely in service both with the humaniform Invid on Earth and the Regess is deep space.

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