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RL-6 & Tarantula
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Annie with RL-6
A young Resistance fighter on Invid-occupied Earth fires an RL-6...
Annie with
...but is unprepared for its intense recoil.
Type : Short range anti-mecha missile.
Service history : 2022-2028, SC Ground Forces.
2022- , REF Army and Marines.
Length : 18 cm.
Diameter : 7.6 cm.
Wingspan : none.
Weight : 5.6 kg.
Warhead: Thermite.
Weight/yield: 2 kg.
Propulsion : Rocket booster and sustainer engine.
Guidance : Combined LLLTV and active radar.
Max speed : 750 kph.
Range : 1.1 km.
Platforms : RL-6 missile thrower (Cyclone compatible).

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