ROBOTECH Technical Files
by Pieter Thomassen, with Peter Walker and Robert Morgenstern

Designation:Terran codename: Zentraedi Seal
Gliquoun Touwhaug SAA-1 Granite.
Granite & Missile Turret
ArmorWeapon Separator

Type : Ship launched surface to air missile.
Service history : Entered service around 1410 AD.
Length : 726.3 cm.
Diameter : 121.1 cm.
Wingspan : 179.9 cm.
Weight : 2412 kg.
Warhead : HE blast/fragmentation.
Weight/yield : 278 kg.
Propulsion : Liquid rocket engine.
Guidance : Inertial with combined home-on-jam/active radar/IIR for terminal homing.
Max speed : Mach 7.5.
Range : (atmosphere) 112 km.
(space) 4.1 kps delta-v.
Platforms : Macross, Nupetiet-Vernitzs, Queadol Magdomilla, Quiltra Queleual, Rineunadou Lojmeuean, Thuverl-Salan, Tou Redir and other classes, Homebase, Factory Satellite.


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