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ZentCom-1 Gunboat

Zentraedi Seal
Zentraedi Gunship
Aircraft Separator

Note: all data is provisional

I. Dimensions:

(w/o sensor antennae)

II. Type:

III. Propulsion:

IV. Performance:

V. Sensory Systems:

VI. Armament:


VII. Armor:

Unknown. However, it is unlikely that a Tirolian design bureau would create a warship with less armor than that on other Zentraedi naval auxiliaries such as the Quel-Quallie.

VIII. Development:

Almost nothing is known about this craft, codenamed ZentCom-1 (Zentraedi Combatant 1), aside from the fact that a scant piece of data - only the above picture and basic measurements and crewing data - was found in classified orders from the Masters to the Robotech Factory satellite guarded by Zentraedi commander Reno. Along with this image was salvaged a single message regarding this craft; it had recently been developed as a gunboat, several prototypes had been built and tested, and it would be rushed into production as soon as a factory could be tooled up. All other information regarding this weapon system was deleted from the database.

None of these boats have ever been observed in any circumstances or near any planet. It is generally assumed that the prototypes were destroyed by the Invid in their assault on Tirol, although this can not be confirmed.

The RDF Spacy Academy and RDF Command School, which have done several wargames with ships of the estimated performance, have extrapolated that this gunboat can best serve in two functions. either as a cheap method of fielding numerous capital vessel weapon systems in defensive situations, or as mobile gun emplacements in situations that support from the large vessels is not feasible. An instance of the latter can be attacks against bases with long range, high-yield energy weapons (usually Reflex Cannons) where the larger ships would be easily picked off, but the smaller gunboats can close in by mingling with the aerospace mecha and taking out the opposing gun emplacements, thereby clearing the way for the fleet proper.

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