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The Protoculture Wars is a set of Fan-written fiction (FanFic) set in the Robotech Universe. These stories use the Purist point of view and as such tend to be incompatible with the Robotech Novels, Comics or Role-Playing Game.
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ROBOTECH: Protoculture War
The main story-arc of ProWar is the problems created by a device called Remote Links, first introduced into the story in 2009. The story is split into two main groups - the "Children of..." set of novels and the short-stories contained in "Children of Hope, Children of Despair"
ROBOTECH: Alternate Points of View
These stories take place in the same universe as "The Protoculture Wars" and are intended to be companion stories. The original concept behind this project was to have a set of authors each write about one character's point of view of the events in Robotech. Sometimes these characters interact (and you get to see the meetings through the eyes of each character involved), sometimes they act alone. But always, they act to bring you a new way of looking at the Robotech Wars and how it affected those caught up in them.

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