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Marathon Class Super Dimensional Transport.

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Marathon Transport
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Names and disposition:

All ship names are prefaced by "UES", for "United Earth Ship".

Ship's complement:


Propulsion systems:

Endurance and mobility limits:

Weapon systems:

Air group and mecha complement:


Design notes:

The Marathon-class is a variant on the Garfish-class scout cruiser. Among the changes are the removal of all weapon systems, but the addition of four point defense cannons, and the replacement of the original (and inadequate) fold drive, the refitting of the troop and internal mecha holds into passenger compartments, and the replacement of the bottom mounted hangar/engine pod with a large cargo/fold drive pod. This pod, which is rather larger than the hangar pod of the Garfish class, is the visually most striking feature of these ships.

The fold system installed in the lower pod takes up 33% of the available space there. The system is, for reasons of stability, placed in the center of the pod, with a large cargo bay both in front of and behind the fold drive. While not as powerful as the system installed in the larger fold-capable vessels, this small fold system is very reliable and still powerful enough to carry five to ten large shuttles with the transport vessel through a fold jump.


The Marathon-class fold transport was conceived at about the same time as the Montgolfier-class tender. Since the Montgolfier-class was to be deployed forward from the base stations, a ship was necessary to shuttle between the factories and the tenders, carrying new supplies and replacement mecha. In addition to these goods and mecha, there would be a number of transfers involving replacement personnel and injured crew to and from the base stations and the front lines. It would be extremely inefficient to use the high-value tenders for this; similarly, ships-of-the-line were needed on the line, and would be wasted on cargo hauling duties. Therefore, the Marathon-class transports were designed and the shipyards on board Space Station Equality started a production run of these vessels.

The entire class was named after famous sporting events or running events of the Olympic games. Blue Banner was the sole exception, being named after the banner traditionally flown from the fastest ship so far to have crossed the North Atlantic. The other events include endurance-, bicycle-, sailing- and car-races, team competitions and also natural-ice long distance skating.

In total, fifteen of these vessels were built. Because of the nature of their mission, the shuttling between known safe space coordinates, these vessels were not armed and they never encountered any hostile ship. They are still in service as general logistics support vessels with the Terran Navy.

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