Historical Essays of the Robotech Period

by Peter Walker and Pieter Thomassen, with Robert Morgenstern

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WARNING: WORK IN PROGRESS! Many of these essays have yet to be written.


  1. Robotech Timeline (1990-2045 C.E.)
  2. Triumviroids and Zentraedi - The Clones of Tirol
  3. Tirolian Infiltration and Termination Agent - Nous-gran'diel
  4. A Brief Description and History of Tirol
  5. The Invid Race
  6. Protoculture, the Invid, and the Flower of Life
  7. Planets of the Sentinels Confederation
  8. Europe During the Invid Occupation
  9. North America During the Invid Occupation
  10. Earth's Guardians - A History of the Robotech Defense Forces
    1. United Nations Defense Force History/Organizational Structure
    2. Armies of the Southern Cross History/Organizational Structure
    3. Robotech Expeditionary Force History/Organizational Structure
    4. Uniforms and Insignia of the Earth Militaries

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