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Grumman ES-11D Cat's Eye Electronic Warfare & Surveillance Aerospaceplane

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ES-11D Cat's Eye
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I. Dimensions.

II. Type.

III. Service History

IV. Propulsion.

V. Performance:

VI. Sensory Systems:

Radar System:
Optical tracking:
Tactical Electronic Warfare System (TEWS):

VII. Armament:

VIII. Armor:

Full nuclear, biological and chemical protection. Limited protection from hand fired solids and energy beams, shrapnel and other fragments.

IX. Development:

The Cat's Eye was created as a replacement for the venerable E-2G Hawkeye II carrier-launched aircraft. As such, the wings fold up for easier carrier storage. Advances in technology allowed the crew demands to be lessened to the point where a single operator was all that was required. Beyond that, the system easily remoted systems back to a command base where additional personnel could coordinate operations. The forward swept wings and canards provided for significantly increase maneuverability and survivability allowing for the aircraft to get closer to the combat zone. In an effort to provide a generic electronics warfare craft that could operate in atmosphere and deep space, the designers made use of the new discoveries found aboard the ASS-1 to increase the capability of the aircraft for the B version. The B version mounted separate space-based engines on the wings in place of ASW pods. The C version introduced the two-stage dual use fusion turbines. The D version introduced the first full capability dual-use engines in the fuselage, although the two-stage engines were kept on the wings due to early problems with the FF-1200 engines. Fortunately, the problems were corrected, but the dual stage engine provided more efficient space operations so they were retained to maintain a longer operating range. Some of the engines were later integrated into the early the Valkyrie prototypes and enhanced versions were found on the production units.

These craft were used by the UN SPACY for long-range reconnaissance missions and a number were stationed on Mars Base Sara and Moon Base Luna. A number of these spacecraft assisted the UEG in tracking down the rogue Oberth-class destroyer that was seized by the Anti-Unification League forces and attacked Mars Base Sara.

These aerospace craft continued to be used by the REF for space reconnaissance well into the 2030's where it was replaced by the Elint Legioss variant of the Alpha/Beta combination. The Southern Cross replaced the Cat's Eye with the Bumblebee and Eyrie reconnaissance and EWACS aerospacecraft.

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